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Brands and Styles of Bamboo Flooring

The similarities of a bamboo floor to hardwood have now made it the alternative choice because of lower cost and its eco-friendly nature. Unlike hardwood, bamboo planks are harvested from a bamboo within a minimum of 3 years maturity. Some manufacturers do let them grow 5-6 years before harvesting to produce harder bamboo floors. Since bamboo is a grass that does not grow solid like trees, the bamboo stalk is cut in strips, glued together, and processed into floor planks.

Bamboo floors are tested to be almost as hard as hardwood, yet has more resistance to moisture and insects. Another advantage is that it almost has the same look of hardwood with a unique touch to some exotic designs. Strand woven bamboo floors give off more edge to the design because of the contrast in colors. On the other hand, hand scraped bamboo floors resemble vintage or reclaimed hardwood with its uneven surface and aged look.

Cleaning Bamboo Floors

Like hardwood floor, bamboo floors should be kept free from dirt and grit to avoid scratching the protective coating. Vacuum or sweep the floor with a fine fiber broom on a regular basis. It would likewise be ideal to wipe the floor with a damp mop once in a while after clearing it of dirt. From time to time, washing the floor with dishwashing liquid mixed with clean water will also keep them in top shape. Though bamboo is less sensitive to moisture than hardwood, it is still best to dry it well after cleaning.

Don’t ever wax bamboo floors as this can cause problems with refinishing or application of new protective coats in the coming years.

Protecting Bamboo Floors

Prevention is always better than cure. Aside from keeping your bamboo floor clean, keep dirt away be setting mats on entryways to trap grit and stones. Install coaster felt pads under furniture and lift them when moving instead of dragging to avoid scratching your bamboo floor’s finish.

Maintain the humidity between 30%-50% within the home with a dehumidifier/humidifier. Excessive humidity can cause the bamboo planks to swell, while lack of humidity may cause the bamboo strips to crack.

Over time, the surface finish of bamboo floors will eventually wear. When scratches are more evident and the surface has become dull, it may be time to recoat the bamboo floor. It is best to consult the manufacturer regarding refinishing to avoid any permanent damage.

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