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Sand & Refinish of Existing Hardwood Floors

Tile Center expert technicians can refinish your hardwood floors to any stain color that you wish. For the last 20 years we have seen it all. If your house is 100 years old with pine floors, custom build with exotic floors or simply those georgous solid oak floors. We can give a beautiful new face to your floors at a discount price you won't refuse. After all it is your castle and you deserve the best.

The Process of Refinishing Wood Floors

If you wish to refinish your hardwood floors by a company, We highly recommend you get at least three quotes from reputable licensed companies. This way you have full understanding of what is involved and what to expect.

If you choose Tile Center to provide you a free quote, please call today or Click here and set up a time that is convenient and one of our project designers will come to your home and provide you a free quote. In the meantime please check our credentials on the internet, check us out on the check book Magazine and read reviews about us on Angies List.
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Once our project Designer arrives at your home, he goes over your requirements and with your permission he measures all the areas that need to be refinished. He will explain the difference between finishing products and recommend what will suite your home best. He will answer all the questions you have and he will provide you a total price to complete your project. He will also explain to you our financing promotion in detail. If you decide to move forward then he will complete the paper work. If you decide not to use our financing then he will request 1/3 deposit or any terms that you and the project designer agree and comfortable to you. Please note that by law you will have three business days to cancel the order for any reason. The project designer will schedule a date to start your project. Depending the size and what is involved he will dedicate a crew for however many days to complete your project continuously.

A day before the installation our customer service will contact you to remind you of the time our installers will arrive at your home. Customer service will answer any questions you may have and go over what you need to have ready to limit any inconvenience in your daily life.

On the day the project begins the technicians will call you 30 minutes to one hour prior to their arrival to your home. Once they are at your home, they will explain everything to you and make sure you understand their process to get the best job done. They will answer any questions or concerns you may have. Then they will sand several spots on one of the areas that need to be worked on and stain those areas giving you several choices as how the final product will look like. Once you select the best stain finish that fits your home then they will start the work. If the project take more than one day, then every day they will clean everything before they leave. They will let you know as when they will be back in the morning to continue. Once the project is complete you will walk the completed area with the technicians and make sure everything is to your satisfaction. If you are happy with everything and the project is complete, they will request you to give feed back on your experience. At this time your assigned project designer will give or email you as how to care for your beautiful floor for years to come.

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