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Stainmaster Greenliving Commitment

It is the sincere pledge of Stainmaster to create products that use less and do more -- carpets that are as good to the earth as they are to your toes.

  • Carpet Reclamation and Recycling

    Nylon 6,6 used in STAINMASTER® carpet allows carpet fibers to be reclaimed and recycled into other durable products like the STAINMASTER® EcoSoft® carpet cushion. The cushion is made from over 90% recycled materials -- meaning that less carpet ends up in landfills.

    The company is likewise doing its share in diverting carpet from landfills with the Stainmaster Carpet Recycling Program (a division of Invista Carpet Reclamation Program). The program allows flooring retailers to haul all types of used carpet for proper disposal. Since 2001, the program has successfully collected more than 85 million pounds of carpet.

  • Sustainable Performance

    Stainmaster supports environmental sustainability and it begins with carpets that last. Durable and long lasting carpets mean less waste and fewer replacements. Quality carpets made by Stainmaster likewise contribute to lower energy consumption that translates to fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Responsible Manufacturing

    Stainmaster is firm in its commitment to support the environment by using materials, natural resources, energy efficiency, and reduction of waste for the production of carpets. Not only does Stainmaster utilize efficient and compliant manufacturing processes, but the company likewise produces eco-friendly carpets that have recycled content in support of sustainability and environmental responsibility.