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About Ceramic Tile and Porcelain Tile

In ancient times, ceramic tile has been used as flooring and décor to enhance structures. In fact, the most beautiful structures in Persia were adorned with mosaic walls and floor tile made of ceramics. The flexibility of ceramic tile to be glazed by a myriad of colors and cut into different shapes made it possible to create works of art. And even with the advent of other materials in the 21st century, none can still replace the possibilities that ceramics presented in terms of design and color.

Moreover, no other material is known to resist water as well as ceramic tile with a water absorption rating of less than 0.5%. As such, ceramic tile is still the best material used for bathrooms and swimming pools even with other alternatives available. And among the various materials currently used for kitchen, bathrooms, and floors, ceramic tile is considered to be the most affordable. It is also used to complement other materials as tile backsplash or mosaics that can highlight parts of any room in the home.

Tile Center carries inventory of more than 1 million square feet of porcelain and ceramic tile in their local warehouses in Rockville and Hagerstown, MD. Tile Center’s specialty lies in ceramic tile, porcelain tile, glass tile, and subway tile. And 99% of tiles carried by Tile Center are LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified based on the Green Building Rating System.

Tile Center offers various designs that can complement any style ranging from classic, casual, metropolitan, country, or modern. There are also mosaic tile collections as wall tiles or tile backsplashes for kitchens or baths. Tile Center likewise holds an Italian porcelain collection that has the look and feel of natural stones, slate, and travertine. Explore the limitless possibilities of ceramic tile with Tile Center.

Tile Center Top Quality Brands


Special Order Brands for Ceramic Tile,

Porcelain Tile, and Glass Tile.


Tile Center also provides consumers with brands that offer designs that are unique and different all their own. These are ceramic tile mosaics or glass tile designs that are not only considered functional, but are also considered world-class in terms of luxury and elegance. These are brands chosen by a select few who value art and creativity above everything else.

  • Jasba Mosaic
  • Dal Tile
  • Bisazza
  • Edilcuoghi
  • Casa Dolce Casa
  • Vesace
  • Ascot
  • Cobsa
  • Tau Ceramica
  • Grespania
  • Gaya
  • Metal Boarders
  • Alcorense
  • Sichenia
  • Arpa
  • Fusion
  • Casamood
  • Guocera
  • Matherya
  • Vallelunga
  • Metropal
  • Gayatores
  • Campeginese
  • And More .........