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When it comes to taking care of our home we want to make sure that we get the best materials and service. If budget constraints make the best materials out of our reach, we still make sure we get the best people to work on our project. Most homeowners even save up just to get the best home improvement. With all the horror stories we’ve heard on home improvement, we’d like to make sure our hard-earned money doesn’t go to waste – not to mention the fact that we want to minimize the stress that such home renovations can bring. As such, we try to get reliable feedback or reports other than what we get from friends and family. One of the best resources for consumer ratings on products and services is the Washington Consumers’ Checkbook.

Consumers’ Checkbook affirms Tile Center’s commitment to deliver only quality products and service by recognizing it as one of the top rated Washington Metro area companies in the home improvement industry. This recognition is backed by consumers who have experienced Tile Center’s quality service first hand. These are legitimate ratings from consumers who want to pass on their good experience to other homeowners looking for the best in the home improvement. Together with actual customer testimonials, there is no doubt that Tile Center should be the number one choice of homeowners.

Over the years, Tile Center has stood by its objective to provide homeowners with quality materials and exemplary professional service. Established as a family-owned business, Tile Center adheres to the values of treating each customer with warmth and respect while staying true to the virtues of business ethics and professionalism. And it is this firm drive for excellence that has spurred most homeowners in the Washington Metro area to continue to patronize and trust Tile Center over and above the rest of its competitors in the market.